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The Steve Rogers to my Tony Stark

The War Machine to my Iron Man

The Bucky Barnes to my "So tell me embarrassing stories about Steve."

JARVIS, you up?

"A homosexual with power… That’s scary." Milk (2008)

Robin Williams’ Walk of Fame star and his hand and footprints at the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA. August 17, 2014.



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So I can’t draw and I’m addicted to dress up games and I kind of had Bucky and Steve on my mind…

TeenAU where Bucky didn’t lose an arm because none of the games had a silver arm option. What is up with that shit?

In the first one, Bucky is in an intense online game against Sam or Natasha or something. In the second, it’s Bucky and Steve’s first day of senior year maybe and Steve is a total dork in his puffy vest and Bucky is the cool kid and I’m not actually good at this shit. I just have Bucky Barnes on the brain.

Taylor and I made the Batman and Robin best friends shirts for those two guys… (The font is a comic book speech bubble font!) What if I made the Cap and Bucky best friends shirts shown and sold them on Etsy…? Any size. And in a way that is much better than my terrible photoshopping skills.

I have other designs in mind including Black Widow and the Phoenix… Those aren’t the “best friends” design… Maybe I could list a custom design for “best friends” and people can chose the heroes and quotes?

I don’t know… These are fun to make and I need money.

The main question is - what do I name my shop?

Tell me if you think these shirts are cool (I guess I could do Batman and Robin again) and if you have a shop name idea?

Please do not steal.

Please do not steal.

I forgot the steering wheel!!

I’m good now. And there’s my first two attempts in the other pic.

Exhibit A: Why I shouldn’t be allowed to draw with a pencil that doesn’t have an eraser.

Exhibit A: Why I shouldn’t be allowed to draw with a pencil that doesn’t have an eraser.

Day 7: Show us any art you have for your novel, if you have any.


Yea, I don’t really have any.

Unless my quickly photoshopped layouts of an apartment and a house count:

And also my cover: